Eureka Forbes Trendy Nano Vacuum Cleaner

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  • 1000 W Motor Power
  • Dust Bag Full Indicator
  • 1 L Dust Capacity
  • 1 Year Eureka Forbes India Warranty
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Eureka Forbes Trendy Nano Vacuum Cleaner

Key Features

  • Dust Bag Full Indicator
  • 1000 W Motor Power
  • 1 L Dust Capacity
The Eureka Forbes Trendy Nano Vacuum Cleaner has been designed keeping the Indian home in mind. This cylindrical vacuum cleaner hosts a powerful motor that makes cleaning a breeze. The Trendy Vacuum Cleaner has a reusable dust bag and a built in feature to indicate when it is full.

This Forbes Trendy Vacuum Cleaner has a power requirement of 230 V and is powered through electrical wire that has to be plugged into a wall power socket. The Nano Vacuum cleaner from Eureka Forbes is a dry dust collectorand uses a filter bag to separate the dust from the air being pulled in.

Body And Design

The Forbes Trendy Nano Vacuum Cleaner has a well-designed compact body which manages to have enough on-board storage space for its cleaning accessories. The Eureka Forbes Nano Cleaner has a dust bag full indicatorwhich lets the user know that the bag is full and needs emptying. The Forbes Nano Cleaner is easy to manoeuver around while cleaning as it is fitted with wheels on either side. This allows the user to pull or push the vacuum cleaner to the next location without having to lift and carry it.

The Trendy Nano Vacuum Cleaner from Eureka Forbes has a dimension of 300 X 185 X 210 mm and weighs 2.5 kg. The vacuum cleaner can be connected to extension tubes to clean cobwebs and dust from high places. The crevice nozzle can be used for cleaning hard to reach areas such as corners and under furniture. The flexible hose makes cleaning a simple task as you don't have to strain yourself to move around.

Performance Features

The Forbes Nano Vacuum Cleaner runs on a 1000 W motor that delivers a consistent suction power of 1900 mm of water column. If after prolonged use the Nano Vacuum Cleaner warms up, its thermal overload cut out function will stop the cleaner from functioning. Once it cools down the vacuum cleaner can be operated again. This protects the vacuum cleaner from heat-related damage.

Eureka Forbes has been in the forefront for the last 3 decades in making Indian homes safer and cleaner with a variety of products. Their commitment shows in the Forbes Trendy Nano that delivers pure cleaning performance. The attachments or the accessories are found at the backside of the unit near the power cord. To get a clear picture customers are requested to watch the demo CD which is included in the package.



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