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LG Wonder Door Refrigerator

LG GR-M267QGL Side by Side Refrigerator

782 Litres, Wonder Door, Home Bar, Digital Sensors, Horizontal Handle , Gallon Storage , Express Freezing.
With State - of - the - art Wonder Door you'll discover a whole new world of storage space and easy access to your favourite beverage & food items . Available in the chic silver finished exteriors with floral pattern , it's a perfect expression of exquisite art and futuristic technology.

Key Features
Wonder Door: Experience the new LG Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Wonder Door. India’s first Wonder Door is here to offer you a more convenient life. Touch it once to open the doorway to delicacies in your refrigerator. Get access to frequently used food, drinks and snacks stored in this special section. By preventing cooling loss caused by the constant closing and opening of the main doors in those scorching hot summer days, it saves energy and gives you 2.5 times more storage space. What’s more, the minimal seamless design enhances the refrigerator’s beauty and style.
The revolutionary Wonder Door from LG provides access to your favourite food, drinks and snacks. It not only prevents cooling loss caused by the constant closing and opening of the main doors, but also saves energy and gives you 2.5 times more storage space. Delight yourself with this wonder.

Gallon Storage: Inverter Linear Compressor: At the heart of the refrigerator is a quiet and efficient compressor. It keeps noise to a minimum and helps the environment by using less energy. And comes with a 10 year warranty.

Express Freezing: Start the Express Freezer with a mere touch of a button. This intellegent section knows exactly when to stop. Just feed in the time and it will turn off automatically when the fixed time passes.

Refreshmnet Corner / Home Bar: LG DIOS comes with home bar that provides easy access to frequently needed refreshments, without any need to open the refrigerator door. It comes with serve table and light for convenience. The door opens with a smooth action on the touch of your hand or elbow. It’s easier for customers to open it even with hands pre occupied.

Exterior LCD Display

9 Digital Sensors

Technical Specifications:

Types: Premium
Capacity (Litre): 782
Inverter Linear Compressor: Yes
Exterior Finish: Trimless Glass Finish
Home Bar: Yes
Exterior Display: LCD

Moist Balance Crisper: Yes
Gallon Storage: Yes
Open Door Alarm: Yes
Digital Sensors: 9
Child Lock: Yes
Express Freezing: Yes

Fixed: 2
Folding: 1

Drawers (Plastic): 3
Interior Lamp: 1
Door Bins: 4
Bottle Guide: 1
Moist Balance Crisper: Yes(2)

Icemaker Type: In Door Manual Freezer
Freezer Shelves -Tempered glass: 4
Drawers: 2
Door Bins: 6

Height (mm): 1785
Width (mm): 912
Depth (mm): 848



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