Hacked by Phantom-Plague of Philippine Hacking University

Greetings, Madam:

If you’re reading this, it means that we, your community, lost patience with you, likely because you’ve clearly shown us how you govern the campus which was entrusted to you.

To the highest, we acknowledge your love and honor, and your many initiatives to make our school “better”. Thank you! But we plead for something you have already forgotten.
Be careful with your decisions madam, for they are very vital to being a principal.

When the DepEd appointed you as our principal, a lot of negative feedbacks showed up. A lot of activities were stopped.
You did not allow us to experience the happiness that a high school life brings. Stop blinding us with your excuses. You enjoyed so much playing with our ignorance.
You said that the building that is under construction right now is a part of the improvement of the K-12 Program. But you did not tell us how much you've 
gotten--kickbacked rather from those projects. Other schools have their HS Dance/JS Prom and field trips. Why don’t we? Their principal fight with everything they got.
But you? You’re afraid. Right? Afraid to be accused of corruption? That’s a shitty thing.

Our school was crowned as the most eco-friendly school before when Mr. Nieto was still our principal. But you treated that achievement as a trash and now we’ve seen 
no PARANG HIGH SCHOOL on the list of the qualified schools. You always hinders also the involvement of our school to every competition outside the campus.
Don’t build barriers against the success of every student you have. 

Lastly, don't act as if you did something significant for the development of the school. Back off with the teachers who goaded on you.

May you be as transparent and forthcoming as Donald Trump. That was not the type of school you caught up with. Open your eyes; look around. Can you see? We are everywhere.
We are everyone. Justice is coming. I can be anyone. I can be you. Good luck.
May God bless you and shower His grace upon your valiant governance.
We are Legion. We do no forgive. We do not Forget. Expect Us!